We can arrange for you to be picked up and returned to the Rome Airport by a private driver who will meet you outside customs.  Go directly to the Loft (you will be tired!) and enjoy the day!  He can then take you into Chiusi (the closest town with rental offices a 10 minute drive from Paciano) the next day and you can pick up your car and later drop it off and be whisked back to Rome.  This will save you two days of rental car fees and the wear and tear of trying to negotiate the traffic in Rome.

OR if you would prefer, we can arrange your own personal tour guide who will arrange everything for you and drive you to the sites you are interested in and forget the rental car!

Either way, you come up with your own plan and we arrange for it to be implemented to your taste.  No prepackaged tours  - you do as much or as little as you want.

Thank You.

Contact Kerry Norman (email kerrynorman1@yahoo.com) for prices which will vary according to your wishes.