Cooking Classes -  We can provide contact information and you plan exactly what you want!  Local resident (English-speaking) can take you through the ins and outs of Italian cuisine from purchasing from the market, actual preparation with you participating to sitting down and enjoying the fruits of your labor while enjoying some of the local wine!  All the while getting tips on favorite restaurants in the area!

In Paciano:
L’Oca Bruciata – closed Mondays
Located on the main drag by the park

La Loggetta – closed Tuesdays
Located within the walls at the lower gate
Has a wonderful terrace overlooking the lake as well as indoor dining.

Il Casale – closed Wednesday
You will see sign on the road back to Chiusi

In Panicale:
Lillo Tatini - on the main square
Masolino in the center of Panicale

In Chiusi:
La Solita Zuppa - in the upper town inside the walls
Il Punto (in Chiusi Scalo by train station) closed Friday

In Citta della Pieve:
Zafferano in Hotel Vannucci outside main gate
(inside walls – closed Monday)
Serenella (inside walls)

All of the above restaurants are very good and mostly family owned.  We generally just order the house wine (just say “vino rosso or vino bianco)  They’ll ask you if you want a liter or half liter (liter is litro).  It will be good.


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